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Vegetable Picking

FaIR-ShaRe PaYMent SYSteM



Choose the Radish level if you are able to pay market value prices
at grocery stores and
farmers markets.

Shoppers at this level help address inequities in our food system that create financial barriers to
fair food access for some
members of our community. 



Consider paying at the Watermelon level if you are supporting children or other dependents, if you have significant debt, if you receive public assistance, have immigration-related expenses, or if your income is at or below a liveable wage.

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The Fava Bean level offers FREE 
Mobile Farmers  Market Gift Certificates that help make local food available to all community members.


Ask a Market Ambassador or staff member for more information.

pAYMenT  MeTHoDs

We accept cash, credit/debit, and Venmo payment,
as well as our 
Mobile Market Gift Certificates.

Shoppers with SNAP and HIP should ask the Market Manager for more information about how to use their benefits at the market.

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